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What is it? A Mobile Experience.

A jaw-dropping Pop-Up Party convertible that doubles as a marketing dream. It is the ?LeBaron that Booms?. Equipped with a turntable and mixer on a custom frame/hinge replacing the backseat, with 20 speakers powered by a 12,000 watt sound system and accented by 5 LED systems.

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This car draws attention from any and all that it encounters by providing viewers with a unique experience that includes live mixes, DJing, artist performances, dancing and on the fly beat making. It has been built over the course of two years, and sports an ?oil slick? wrap job with its name, social media and innovative cryptocurrency wallets for digital tips.



How does it work? Viral Marketing.

The car rolls up, LEDs begin to flash, people gather like ants and within 45 seconds Draydel has lifted the turntables, and introduced LeBoomin. He begins to play his original tracks and original remixes, and by this time there is an average of 40-60 people. By song 2, there is a typical crowd of 80-115 people.

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By song 3, he has introduced his new record with Jillee Parker who is hidden amongst the people, and as it begins, she emerges from the crowd with her wireless mic as another shock factor, and performs in front of the Leboomin as Draydel spins.




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Miami Beach, FL

St. Petersberg, FL

Orlando, FLWynwood, FL

Tampa, FL

Tallahassee, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

University of Tampa

FL State University

Fort Myers, FL

Ybor City, FL

Gainesville, FL

Clearwater, FL

University of South FL

University of Florida

Atlanta, GA

Buckhead ATL

Downtown ATL

Part Two:
(South / West)
Route from Nashville, TN to Los Angeles, CA


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Jackson, MS

New Orleans, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Austin, TX

San Antonio, TX

El Paso, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Santa Fe, NM

Colorado Springs, CO

Denver, CO

Tucson, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Las Vegas, NV

San Diego, CA

Long Beach, CA

Anaheim, CA

Los Angeles, CA


Part Three:
Heading to East Coast/New England through Midwest.


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Pasadena, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Malibu, CA

Bakersfield, CA

San Jose, CA

San Francisco, CA

Sacramento, CA

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Boise, ID

Jackson, WY

Omaha, NE

Lincoln, NE

Sioux City, IA

Minneapolis, MN

Milwaukee, WI

Green Bay, WI

Chicago, IL

Gary, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Louisville, KY

Cincinnati, OH

Columbus, OH

Cleveland, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Rochester, NY

Albany, NY

Boston, MA


Part Four:
(East Coast)
New England heading down to Southern FL.


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Providence, RI

Newport, RI

Hartford, CT

Newark, NJ

New York City, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Long Island, NY

Manhattan, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Atlantic City, NJ

Baltimore, MD

Annapolis, MD

Washington, DC

Richmond, VA

Virginia Beach, VA

Raleigh, NC

Charlotte, NC

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA

Atlanta, GA

Jacksonville, FL

Daytona Beach, FL

Orlando, FL

Jupiter, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Boca Raton, FL

Sunrise, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hollywood, FL

Wynwood, FL

Miami, FL

Key Largo, FL

Islamorada, FL

Big Pine Key, FL

Key West, FL

* = Cities and exact locations subject to change

We will hit the entire country by March ?19.


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